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006 products 01.2024

we are excited to announce the arrival of our new stone products for 2024. set to be available by mid-december. this set of new products features a range of high-quality natural marble and engineered sintered stones, ideal for both modern and classic designs.

stay connected as we reveal detailed insights about our new stones on our instagram account.

please note that the actual color of the stone may vary from the images displayed. its hues and shade can differ depending on the lighting and the environment in which the photo was taken. we recommend viewing the product in person to appreciate its true color and texture.

we do not have a showroom but we have a warehouse where you can view the actual slabs by appointment.

n a t u r a l m a r b l e

1 panda white marble

2 grigio beige orobico marble

3 casso grey mist marble

4 elephanite marble

5 calacatta viola

s i n t e r e d s t o n e

6 stattuario sintered stone

7 himalayan sintered stone

8 arctic mist

9 nile grey

10 squall grey

actual sample photo of mitered edge for 6mm and 12mm thick sintered stone

we will update the photos once shipment arrives. follow our instagram to see the newest photos and updates on our new stone products. connect with us and transform your space with the beauty of our unique and quality curated stones.

for inquiries, feel free to contact mick at 09190964307 or gab at 09567757907 via imessage, viber, and whatsapp.


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